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What is the Rapid Relationship Reset?

The Rapid Relationship Reset for Couples

The Personal Rapid Relationship Reset

The Couples' Rapid Relationship Reset is an accelerated, 6-week experience designed to help you discover your unique behavior, strategies and communication style as individuals and as a couple so that each person's needs are met.

As a result, arguments are less frequent and when they do occur, you are able to effectively handle it. You come away with having created a loving environment where each person feels heard, loved, respected and appreciated.

The goal of this experience is to build the strong foundation that so many couples, married or not, need but have not yet established.

The Personal Rapid Relationship Reset is an accelerated, 6-week experience for individuals to dive into the ultimate self-discovery around the challenges or issues you are facing and the areas of life that are not working as you would like. In addition to dealing with your challenges, you will come away with increased peace of mind, self-confidence, and a whole new level of self expression.

You will develop a new appreciation for yourself, your journey and the goals you are pursuing as well as gain the tools and skills necessary to create healthy relationships with the people you have the privilege to do life with, whether personal or professional.

Everything you do and say has an impact. Why not make it the impact you want?

Support and Services you can expect

People are encountering several different challenges based on their unique and individual situation. That's why several levels of support are available so that you can determine what single service or combination of services best applies to your needs and will be perfect for you.

Reset your relationship...

... With Yourself

Improve your level of self-confidence and self expression so that you are able to show up more powerfully for yourself and to others. Experience peace, freedom and authenticity.

... With Your Significant Other

Whether you are married or dating, fall in love all over again! Experience a relationship where you and your partner communicate so effectively that you each feel heard, loved, respected and appreciated.

... In the Workplace

We spend the majority of our days at work interacting with peers, managers and direct reports. Gain the skills that will determine how effectively you communicate with those you encounter as a co-worker or leader.

... With Your Family

They say that you don't get to choose your siblings and parents but you can choose to take steps to learn how to communicate effectively and get beyond a rocky past that may be holding you back.

... With Your Friends / Social Life

Although it comes very easy to some, the truth is that many adults never learned the fine art of making friends and keeping friends. Learn what it takes to form healthy, genuine friendships and social circles.

... With New People You Meet

You do not get a second chance to make a first impression. Are you happy with how you show up on first encounters? Do you leave people wanting more? Discover the qualities that make you magnetic.

Some Who Have Transformed Their Relationships...

They took the leap!

"The experience is definitely worth it, and the tools that Deborah provides can be incorporated for the rest of my life... I have put together my master plan, and am working that plan on a daily basis."

Akili H.

Los Angeles, CA

"I needed this to get out of my rut. Otherwise I would've never come out of my comfort zone. I feel more connected to my body, mind and spirit. This allows me to be a better friend and mother and daughter and sister. PRICELESS!"

Cindy D.

Minneapolis, MN

"I was beginning to have strains in the relationships with my wife and daughters and I began questioning my capabilities... I am more confident and know that I have the tools to overcome the obstacles I faced."

Julio L.

Miami, FL

The Quality of Your Life Is Dependent On The Quality Of Your Relationships

Are you ready to uplevel your life?

A note from Deborah...

As a Life & Relationship Coach, I had the opportunity to be at the front line of people's lives, emotions and the state of their relationships as they dealt with the effects of the pandemic.

Being under lockdown for weeks and, for some, months led to people having no choice but to face the reality of the health of their relationships, not to mention the inadequacies of their communication patterns. With the lockdown, the usual distractions of the world were not available... there was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

As the creator of the Rapid Relationship Reset program, I am dedicated to improving the wellness of the surrounding relationships of each and every person who walks through my virtual doors.  

After looking at how the year 2020 has affected so many people's relationships, whether it be with others or themselves, I am on a personal mission to transform 1000 amazing relationships in 2021.