Welcome to the opportunity to live your life more powerfully than ever before.

I am excited that you are here because I know that this could be the beginning of you living life on a whole new level.

Who is this for?

It is no coincidence that you are here. It simply means that wherever you are in your life or career you are ready to take things to another level and go after life in a bigger way in one area or another... in other words, you are ready for more. 

Each of us knows and can feel when we are not living powerfully, i.e. short-changing ourselves and are not living up to our true potential or living out our dreams. If you are still not sure where you stand, below you will find some of the common things clients say before working with us.

You are in the right place if you:

  • Frequently doubt yourself 
  • Lack self-confidence and assertiveness 
  • Want to communicate more effectively
  • Want to be able to manage your emotions
  • Want to create quality relationships
  • Are feeling unfulfilled and you are trying to discover your purpose
  • Feel stuck in the past finding it hard to let go of disappointment and regret.
  • Feel trapped and powerless by your current circumstances
  • Are not able to say "no" and set boundaries
  • Fear expressing your wants and needs 
  • Are too concerned with what others think
  • Are taking care of and living for everyone else and you are ready to put some focus on you.
  • Your life just feels messy and chaotic 
  • Have just been going though the motions... just existing
  • Are ready to create a plan for your life
  • Simply want peace of mind, more joy and contentment.

Congratulations on deciding to take this step to live more boldly, more fully, more happily and more effectively than you have ever before.

What's In It For Me?

The “Start Living POWERFULLY!” curriculum in its entirety is designed to arm participants with the tools, strategies and mindset to show up in the world more powerfully and make the impact they desire, both personally and professionally.

As a result of their participation, individuals will have the opportunity to look at the factors that have made them less effective in certain areas of their life and, with this awareness, discover avenues for: 

Increased Self-Confidence & Self-Image

Each week you are given a toolbox of practical strategies for building your level of self-confidence and self-esteem that you can add to your daily living to help you show up more powerfully when dealing with the people and situations in your life.

Better Communication Skills

Our level of effectiveness in life and at work is very much dependent on our mastery of communication skills and so this is seen as a key componet of powerful living. You will learn the various communication types and the key indicators that help you to be more adept.

Quality Personal & Professional Relationships

Life is about relationships, point blank. No man is an island. 

You will develop the skills neded to help you to interact more authentically and effectively with others whether it is in your personal or professional life.

Increased Money Confidence & Sense

Learn the strategies and change in habit and mindset that it takes for you to deal with debt and become great with handling your money. Discover the secret behind giving yourself permission to spend guilt-free.

Getting into Action Toward Achieving Your Goals

You will start laying out clear plans and goals for yourself and begin taking the steps needed to fulfill on them. No matter how long you have had those goals lingering, you will want to put further procrastination aside and get into action.

Mastering Your Thoughts, Emotions & Feelings

The quality of your life is very much dependent on the quality of your thoughts, emotions and feelings. 

You will develop the skills and become aware of your ability to truly take control of your life.

Reducing Anxiety and Stress & Gaining Peace of Mind

Find ways to reduce stess and anxiety and embrace the peace of mind that is the best pillow to sleep on. 

Open yourself up to experience the creativity and freedom that has been blocked by your state of mind.

Putting the Past Behind & Creating a Clean Slate

It's been said that you should "Deal with your past or your past will continue to deal with you". 

You will gain the tools and mindst needed to turn to a new chapter in your life.

and so much more...


What Clients Are Saying...


Amazing!! Having a life coach has always been something I wanted to experience and Deborah truly got me to be honest and open. I was stuck, fearful and not sure what was next but I left feeling like I had a plan. The experience with Deborah was positive, eye-opening and not intimidating. 

- K.M., Florida

"This is the first day of the rest of my life. Thanks to Deborah, I am no longer tired every night and have a headache every morning. My exhaustion has turned into energy that gives me strength for my dreams. Before starting this program, I didn't think I deserved much of what I'm looking for in life. Deborah has given me a magic wand and fairy dust. I needed this to get out of my rut. Otherwise I would've never come out of my comfort zone. I feel more connected to my body, mind and spirit. This allows me to be a better friend and mother and daughter and sister. PRICELESS! I've been liberated by the optimal leap program. Deborah has helped me to see that the environment I was in caused by my own thoughts and actions. Once I saw my situation clearly, I put the pedal to the metal to get the heck out of there. I can only hope that others will learn how to live who have been not living or at least not in the game. I realize now that I did not have a time management problem - I had a life management problem. There is no book or class that can change my thoughts. I learned all of this from Deborah who went through it herself." 

- C.D., Minnesota, USA

"My session with Deborah was very positive. She helped me to look at my life experiences through a different and more positive medium. After my very first meeting with her I am excited to say that I've seen changes within myself that I wish had happened years ago. I'm definitely in the Leap process."

-T.O., Florida, USA

"Considering that I am reserved and very private about my feelings and display of emotions, she got me to relax and slowly share my thoughts and issue. She was comfortable to talk to and I felt at ease. It was an eye-opener. With her experience, you are able to drill down deep. "  

-K.V., Forida, USA

Deborah Brown is highly effective, yet relaxed in her approach. She guided me to look deep into my soul and ask the right questions. Deborah encouraged me to change my story, and do it with a sense of urgency. As she once reminded me, “You have big plans. Don’t keep the other things in your life small.” If you are looking for a coach, I highly recommend Deborah Brown. Deborah has proven to be a dedicated professional who not only knows what she is talking about but also listens attentively, is enthusiastic about helping me through my journey, and shows that she genuinely cares about helping me to achieve my goals. She is a coach, counselor, psychologist, and confidante all wrapped in one. She is very patient and personable. She stays in the moment and listens attentively in spite of my rants. It is obvious that she really enjoys what she does, and she is very good at it. The experience is definitely worth it, and the tools that Deborah provides can be incorporated for the rest of my life. As a result of our coaching sessions, I have put together my master plan, and am working that plan on a daily basis.  

- A.H., California, USA.

Deborah has a unique capability of welcoming openness, making it much easier to share aspirations and goals. Her coaching approach allowed me to share my thoughts and career goals and be confident about my ability to reach those. The session was insightful, inspirational, open, inviting, honest, motivating and most of all rewarding. I shared so much in such a short amount of time. Deborah’s energy and approach made the session so beneficial to me and made me that much more confident about pursuing the next phase in my career.  

- M.N., Florida, USA

After a successful career I had been unemployed for 8 months and was very frustrated at the lack of progress I was making in my career search. I had a financial cushion I was eating into but more worrisome was that I was also beginning to have strains in the relationships with my wife and daughters and I began questioning my capabilities as well. LEAP allowed me tackle my approach to the job search and made my approach more methodical and professional. I also realized that I needed to do a better job of setting my personal priorities and saying NO in my family environment as well, one of the weaknesses that was identified in my sessions. I have now found full time employment and realize that the best days of my personal and professional life are yet to come. I am more confident and know that I have the tools to overcome the obstacles I faced in 2017. LEAP can be a great experience for anyone who is currently going through personal or professional challenges or who just feels that they are stuck in a routine and can't clearly see where they will be long term. LEAP helps you to set short term and long term goals in your personal and professional life and address challenges as they appear. And LEAP is all about moving forward with your life  

- J. L., Florida, USA

"Deborah was kind and nonjudgmental and guided me gently to find the answers to the questions that I had. I had a range of thoughts & feelings about the experience… I felt vulnerable being so honest… I felt at ease with the idea of knowing that she would not let me bluff my way out of the questions… I felt safe as I got into the flow and it was easier for me to open up and be more honest and because of that “safe” feeling, I was able to get profound results and insights." 

-C. E., Florida, USA

"Before I started working with Deborah I was in a pickle. I lacked motivation and needed support and validation for the choices I was trying to make in my business and personal life. I needed someone to help me stay motivated and hold me accountable for the intentions I had set for myself. From the get go, working with Deborah was fun and light. She has an infectious laugh and sense of humor that instantly put me at ease. But it wasn’t all fun and games... Immediately, Deborah helped me clearly identify my intentions, motives and values. She is an expert listener and doesn’t miss a thing. She asked me highly-intuitive questions that made me rethink my long-standing belief systems and mindsets. Most importantly, she encouraged, supported and challenged me to stay on course. She held me accountable and held my feet to the fire to ensure that I did what I said I was going to do. Task and results-driven, she diligently worked to ensure my stated outcomes were achieved. Since working with Deborah, I’ve managed to make huge strides in the positioning of my brand. I’m on track for finishing my online course for Mindful Leaders and on track for a ridiculously happy business and life. Thanks, Deb!  

- K. L., North Carolina, USA

"My experience with Deborah was like a roller coaster. There were ups and downs, moments that went fast, moments that went slow and others I’m still thinking about. And before I knew, it was over and all I wanted to do was get back on the ride again." 

-C. S., Florida, USA

Meet Your Coach


Deborah Brown is an Impact Expert, Life Coach and Executive Coach. She works with professionals who struggle to make the personal and professional impact they want and helps them to show up powerfully, confidently and authentically in any situation so that they can get the results they want for themselves and in their interactions with others.

She developed the Impact Coaching methodology which has proven to be a fast and effective approach to moving her clients toward massive results in being able to powerfully deal with themselves, their circumstances and the people in their lives and environment. Clients leave feeling empowered about past cirumstances that can hold many back, taking action in the present that so many procrastinate with and having plans that allow them to enthusiastically look forward to a future that can sometimes feel uncertain and intimidating.

Deborah left a technical background that began with a dual Master’s degree in Engineering followed by a 14-year tenure in IT Consulting, the majority of which was spent as a project manager with Accenture, to pursue the International Coach Academy's 3-year advanced coaching education curriculum and step into her passion and purpose. Deborah is on a mission to touch the lives of 500 or more people per month in her role as speaker, trainer and coach, knowing that those 500 people will impact the lives of hundreds more.

In addition, Deborah is a two-time Amazon best-selling author and the host of a weekly radio show, "Taking A Leap". Deborah enjoys volunteering and has made giving her time and expertise to a human cause a steady part of her personal contribution over the years.  

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Telephone: 954-361-3617